Beautification and Placemaking

The sustainable transformation of the demarcated area with specific focus on the upgrading and beautification of the current public spaces is one of the priorities of the Cachet Park CID.

This service includes the following:

  • Improve street design to incorporate safe walkways and cycling routes with proper markings and signage (a walkability plan for the demarcated area);
  • Design and erect signage in public spaces to reflect the culture and history of the surrounding community (e.g. a heritage route in the demarcated area);
  • Develop Cachet Park and other public spaces in the demarcated area as multi-use destinations, incorporating “the Power of 10+ placemaking principles”, creating lively spaces and reclaiming public space for public use;
  • Develop in consultation with local Taxi Association(s) convenient taxi parking and related facilities;
  • Organise community building events e.g. festivals, markets (to enhance/ compliment the demarcated area local economy), public art activities, etc;
  • Provide aesthetic appeal elements to enhance current streetscaping e.g. street furniture (benches), local art (e.g. sculptures), attractive lighting, etc.
  • Design, upgrade and provision of public ablution facilities at Cachet and TT Cloete Park that are durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain;
  • Restore and refurbish the ATKV stage on Cachet Par