Security Services

The top-up services that the Cachet Park CID will deliver in the demarcated Bult area are all services from street-level upwards

Security Services
Including installation and 24-hour monitoring of 150 CCTV cameras – with armed response.

Optimised security measures
Safety and security is a primary objective of the Cachet Park CID and it aims at creating a safe environment for all business and property owners in a safe living environment.  The scope of the security service rendered are the following:

  • Providing “visible policing” in the streets 24 hours daily through a contracted security company
  • Crime prevention activities
  • Monitoring of known suspects
  • Joint operations with the SAPS
  • Monitoring via CCTV cameras 24 hours a day
  • Providing primary armed response
  • Interaction with all law enforcement agencies. Provision of assistance to other security companies and role-players in the Cachet Park CID area.
  • All contractors of the Cachet CID team also act as “safety ambassadors”, giving directions to visitors, and assisting motorists, the disabled and the elderly
  • Panic app, developed by the NWU
  • Enhanced lighting of the demarcated area
  • Optimal security utilisation of the newly erected Community Centre on Cachet Park.