Services that are provided by Cachet Park CID to its members are:

1. Monitoring and guarding the area:

  • Installation and monitoring of CCTV cameras in the demarcated area.
  • Visible presence of security officers and vehicles in the area.
  • Good co-operation with the NWU Protection Services and the SAPS.
  • The availability of a “First Point of Report” for anyone experiencing distress or panic in our area.



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2. Cleaning and grass cutting services of common areas, parks, and sidewalks:

  • Cutting grass on all sidewalks and parks
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Weekly sweeping of streets and parks
  • Cutting of bushes, shrubs, and trees
  • Maintenance of trees
  • CPTED – Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Maintenance of parks
  • Management of litter, leaves and other rubbish (excluding household rubbish and private garden waste)


2024 Grass cutting and cleaning map

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3. Refuse removal and recycling:

  • Regular household garbage removal as scheduled.
  • Recycling stations located in identified areas.
  • Management of reuse and recycling of waste.

2024 Refuse and recycling schedule


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As a way of enhancing our service to you, our valued member.

We are excited to announce that we are now part of the Buzzer network.

Buzzer is a free app, which geolocates you in an emergency and alerts us to where you are, and what emergency you have, within seconds at a touch of a button.

This is just another way we are there to protect and serve you.

Here are the download links:




Or scan the QR-Code to Download BUZZER: